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 Q & A's

Feedback and opinions from fine wine investors and their buying and selling experience with UKV International and the wine & whisky services offered. 

Collecting Casked Whisky

Over the last decade; investing in whisky has become increasingly popular, but why is there such a deluge of shrewd investors taking advantage of the market?



Vintage and Fine Wine Collecting Explained

An insight into vintage and fine wine investing -  the leading alternative asset class, governed by a unique set of market fundamentals and possibly the investment of the last decade!



Take Advantage of the Fine Wine Boom in 2020!


So, What Will The Wine Market Look Like in 2020?

According to the history books, fine wine is one of the most best performing assets of the last decade. However that doesn’t mean that the market never changes. Consumption and demand varies from country to country and emerging trends can often drive up the price of certain wines.


Fine Wine Collecting: 4 Fundamental Rules to Success


 There are only four fundamental ways to collect successfully in wine.

Investor behaviour is determined not just by rational risk-return considerations, but also by hidden psychological biases that influence individuals to make less than optimal decisions.


Why do individuals often ignore lucrative opportunities?


This behavior poses a conundrum, or seems irrational – and that’s because it is.

Alternative assets pose an interesting paradox:  with the consistent growth and often tax-free capital gains these assets consistently deliver, why aren’t more  individuals participating in the market to reap outsized rewards with relatively low risk?



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